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The youth is the future of the country, but primarily the youth is presence and reality. The youth in Macedonia deserves better life, conditions for education, work and active involvement in the society. Therefore, the Young Liberals are seeking for equal opportunities, absence of discrimination and individuality. LUM believes in the multicultural character of Republic of Macedonia and makes efforts for strengthening of it.

Therefore, we strongly condemn and oppose of every kind of national, religious, sexual, sex and lingual discrimination. We support the legal equality, equality of the economic opportunities and the equal participation in all the economic and political issues in the society.

The youth policy, for us is a part of the Liberal Party policy which makes Platform the basis of
our and the party policy towards youth in Republic of Macedonia. We participate in solving the issues and problems that burden the youth by having an initiative, because we know what is best for us.

Therefore, we underline the basic directions of LUM that oppose the problems which youth in Macedonia has been faced.

  • Decreasing of unemployment through policies of the Liberal Party. It’s enough of false youth investment in education and skills, while there is no job opportunities.
  • Providing better conditions and opportunities during self employment, especially in entrepreneurship sector.
  • Anticipating of tax deductions, stimulations and other measures that will provide for the young people an easier approach to start a business through self employment.
  • Permanent organization of programs, seminars and qualifying courses for gaining new skills and accomplishments as an advantage in applying for a job.
  • Education in Macedonia is a topic on which is necessary more deep analysis. The state universities function according to the old methods and the attempt for implementation of the new techniques does not work at all, which causes additional problems for the students. Therefore, it is necessary modern, reformed education available for the quality.
  • Equal approach to the educational institutions, decreasing of a participation fee, financial assistance by the state for those students whose families are unemployed, improvement of the conditions in student facilities, providing of state scholarships for studying in the European and other world universities. Active participation in fight against bribe and corruption on the universities.
  • Implementation of reforms in the Agency of youth and sport that will turn the Agency into an open institution-partner and service of the youth organizations. The stimulation of the youth to be active in various organizations will have as a final result an active participation of youth in decision making process about issues and problems of its interest.
  • Wide participation of youth in non-governmental organizations as an opportunity to gain additional skills and accomplishments such as team work, organizational abilities and communication as well.
  • Campaigns, debates, seminars and trainings that refers to the culture, art and sport as a way of stimulating the youth in active participation in these fields through expression of the creativity, stances and views about the processes in the society.
  • Art, sport and culture have to be separated and isolated from the politics and influence of the political parties.


                                                     SEVENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF LIBERAL UNION
                                                   OF YOUTH OF MACEDONIA
                                                Working presidency
                                                     Marjan Mihajlovski


                                                LIBERAL UNION OF YOUTH
                                                OF MACEDONIA
                                                 Filip Nikolovski




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